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Souvenir 130
$1,000.00 Sold

Everything about these styrofoam signs are aesthetically off - the typography, the various fonts, the funky colors. But when you put them all together, they all of a sudden become beautiful. These styrofoam signs usually say the same message, whether congratulating a friend about a new house, business, wedding or child. They represent an awful part of the business model in Indonesia. It's essentially a fake gift and mainly used to give publicity to yourself, as the giver's name is bigger than anything else on the sign. We commissioned five signs to be made and instead wanted to highlight our favorite aspects of every day Balinese life.


Dimensions: 39" X 68" /  98cm X 173cm

Materials: Photo printed on canevas, white metal frame.

Designed: 2013

Origin: Indonesia

Edition: 1 of 1